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If I made all the images I have archived over the years available, would you download it? (6.5 GB!) Keep in mind, nearly 1000 images (about 1/5th) aren't sorted yet. It's all sorted by Artist name, and all Artist files are sorted into 3 larger files 

12 deviants said Yes
3 deviants said Yes, but only out of curiosity
3 deviants said Yes, but only if you split it into smaller bits first
2 deviants said Yes, but only to find something I can't find online
2 deviants said No, 6.5GB is way too big
1 deviant said Yes, but only after you've sorted that 1000 images more
1 deviant said No, I'd rather not use that much hard-drive space
1 deviant said No, i'm not THAT into this weird fetish... Jesus Christ man... 6.5GB? What the f**k...
No deviants said No
No deviants said No, I don't feel like looking through literally thousands of files. What am I, a freaking bureaucrat?
Haven't slept in 70+ hours now. Gotta spill my thoughts onto something while I'm still buzzed.
It's been so long on this site now... So much extrordinary talent over the years. Unbelieveable, in fact. I've seen so many artists come and go. I wonder, where they all are now?
Thinking back, it almost feels like I live in a city of ghosts. Chasing the shadows of once great people, now nothing more than memories, as I cling to their greatest works in a gripping fear that their fantastic creations will be lost to time. Forgotten. It itches in a place in my heart that I can never hope to scratch.

I miss :iconkanazy:'s legendary sketches.
I miss :iconladiesandgentleman:'s incredible expressions.
I miss :iconlizzidoll:'s fantastic posing
I miss :iconlivingdeadsuperstar:'s unparalelled colorings
I miss :iconjirou-matsuo: (for like, the millionth time he's left :lol:)
I miss :iconliam-e:'s shenanigans
I miss :icon70poundsnake: (although it hasn't even been that long haha)

There are so many others that have left, I can't even begin to list them. Literally.

And as I ponder these things, I have to constantly remind myself that as I get older, I need to be mindful of the present. There are SO MANY great artists out there!

just to name literally a handful!

So if you're reading this, just know that someone out there thinks you're awesome, and that nothing you do can be forgotten, or go unappreciated. And it may be 2 months late, but I hope this year is one of the best you've ever had! :D

Shout-out to everyone else I'm following on the websites my bots monotor. I see your stuff roll in everyday, and I only have a simple request of you:
Stay awesome! :thumbsup:;)

Also, my picks for most under appreciated artist(s) go to :iconhypnotica2002::iconsleepincoils::iconrandombear222: :D
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United States
Favourite cartoon character: Take a Guess...

Channel info - Read this!

This is the DA account for "Kaa Archives". I've been talking about launching a website for years now. But for now, this is the headquarters so-to-speak.
You can also find me on Hypnohub as "Kaa_Archives".

So, what the heck am I talking about? Well, it started about 8+ years ago when a "NSFW Kaa fanpage" called "Kaa vs the Ladies" got taken down. Allot of good works were lost. Ever since then, I've been archiving stuff I find as a sort of hobby. Not just Kaa-related art, but any hypnotic snakes in general.

Right now I have an estimated 2700+ images archived, and it grows by an average of 3 a day. About 1500+ of them are untitled, just sitting in a massive folder, so I am always working on organizing the collection in my spare time. However, if there is something you wish you could find from a long time ago that you thought was lost, feel free to send me a note asking about it! Or if you believe you have something rare, and would love to give it a permanent home, send it my way! :D

Note: There are certain things I have never added to the collection. A... blacklist if you will.
1.) I rarely (if ever) ever added Malesub images. Just personal preference can be blamed for that. Thankfully not much skin off my back as there are maybe only 1 or 2 artists out there (that I know of) who even draw/manip malesub.
2.) Until recently (maybe 2 years ago) I never added furry, of mlp related works. Again, personal preference. But I've seen the error of my ways, as many people come to me asking for all sorts of stuff, and It's easier for me if I just go ahead and archive it anyways. I deepest and most sincere apologies if I don't have what you're looking for in that department!
3.) AND MOST IMPORTANT: Up until about 2 years ago, I only archived images that I thought were "exceptional". This means there were either very professionally maniped, well drawn, or just had a really nice look to them. Again, sorry if I don't have anything archived from the way-back-when times that you're looking for. Many people have asked about FireMario86, and sadly, I found his stuff not fitting to my tastes. Allot if it went ignored. For this, I am deeply sorry!

Thanks for reading. And as always, stay awesome! :thumbsup:;)


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